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Time to celebrate! Use Code WEB15 at checkout for 15% discount!
Time to celebrate! Use Code WEB15 at checkout for 15% discount!

CG-90 Grease with P.T.F.E Food Grade

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Food Grade CG-90 Clear Grease Lubricant plus P.T.F.E

Food Grade CG-90 is clear grease with an extreme pressure P.T.F.E. additive. Clear and clean in application. Ideal for general bearing lubrication and those parts that require lubrication where water, steam, and high humidity are present.

When P.T.F.E. is used as a lubricant additive it reduces friction, wear, and reduces the energy consumption of driving machinery. P.T.F.E has the lowest coefficient of friction of any solid material and this adds greatly to the effectiveness of the grease. Stick slip behaviour is also reduced by the P.T.F.E. Effective through temperatures from -40C to +200C (applies to base product before aerosol packing).

Very low odour with a corrosion inhibitor. Lubricates locks, chains, bearing, springs, slides and gears. Suitable for some plastic components in delicate systems cash machines coin operated machines. Safe for use in food preparation areas and approved to H1 standard by InS certification 1795391

Key Features:

  • Food Grade certified to H1 standard by InS 1795391
  • Clean and clear, non-toxic, no odour
  • Reduced stick slip behaviour
  • Corrosion inhibitor built into formulation
  • Water, steam, acid and alkalis resistant
  • Wide temp. range -40¬∞C to +200¬∞C