THD Hopper Dryers

Effective, low-cost solution for plastic material drying. Efficient drying by hot air recirculation. These dryers can be directly mounted on the moulding machine for quick drying and space saving (optional floor stand available). Capacity ranging from 12Kg to 1000Kg. All material contact surfaces in stainless steel Hinged base for easy access for material change... view more


Size Comments Part no Price £ Quantity
12Kg Use with stand FSN25 THD12 995.00
25Kg Use with stand FSN25 THD25 995.00
50Kg Use with stand FSN50 THD50 1,050.00
100Kg Use with stand FSN100 THD100 1,499.00
200Kg Use with stand FSN200 THD200 2,050.00