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  • Exciting Giveaway
    June 7, 2024 Oliver Hourd

    Exciting Giveaway

    Win a Sir Geoff Hurst Signed England 1966 World Cup Framed Football Shirt! At Nickerson PMS, we believe in celebrating milestones and creating memorable experiences for our community This month, we're thrilled to announce a special giveaway that football fans...

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  • Why You Need Clamps
    June 6, 2024 Oliver Hourd

    Why You Need Clamps

    The Benefits of High-Quality Clamps for Manufacturing Clamps are an essential tool in the manufacturing process, providing a secure grip on tools or materials and ensuring accuracy and precision. Whether you are working with predominantly with plastic, or any other...

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  • Thermocouples 101
    June 5, 2024 Oliver Hourd

    Thermocouples 101

    Thermocouples are important temperature-sensing devices that are used in a variety of industries, including plastics manufacturing. As a leading supplier of plastic moulding supplies, Nickerson is well-versed in the use and application of thermocouples in the plastics industry. In this...

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