Hot Tip Mould Sprue Cleaner

Mscrtz Hot Tip Mould Sprue Cleaner Set (Includes nos: 8, 10 &14 tips ) Quick removal of frozen sprues from sprue bushing. Cleaning of distribution canals in mould. Melting and removal of frozen plastic residue from mould undercut areas and other trouble spots. Fast cleaning of frozen hot runner moulds... view more


Item Comments Part no Price £ Quantity
Gun Set (Inc 8, 10 &14 tips ) Cleaner Set (Inc 8, 10 &14 tips ) MSCRTZ 135.00
Straight, Pointed End 72mm tip MSCRT8 4.23
90 Degree Pointed End 72mm tip MSCRT10 8.60
Flat Tip End 72mm tip MSCRT14 7.30
Spare Element & Arm Spare Element & Arm MSCRTE 69.00
Flat Straight Tip End 72mm tip MSCRT9 6.85
Parallel bar - No tip Parallel bar - No tip MSCRT11 4.84
Pointed 45 Degree Tip 72mm tip MSCRT12 8.50
Flat 90 degree Tip End 72mm tip MSCRT13 11.20