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Barrel Blitz Universal - Purging Compound - 25 Litre Ready Mix.

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Barrel Blitz Universal (BBU) is evolutionary for cleaning the screw, barrel and nozzle of the injection moulding machine. Its many advantages include:

  • Amazing carbon removal 
  • Above average colour and material changing
  • Effective from 160°C (320°F) to 340°C (644°F)
  • Easily cleaned out by any material, including clear ones as well – (no milky mouldings)
  • Can be used as a strip-down material 
  • Effective for much higher temperature materials if reduced to 340°C (644°F) while purging

So what does all this mean?
Changing to clear If you want to change from FR PC/ABS to clear SAN as soon as the flame retardant job finishes, purge immediately with BBU, change the tool, reduce heats to SAN temperatures and purge with SAN until clear.

Removing black specks
If you start getting specks during a POM run, stop and purge with BBU until the purgings look clean, and then go back to POM. (Depending on your quality requirements you may need to check the purge with a loop or magnifying instrument. Photos 1-4 give a demonstration of just this point.)

Pulling screws
If you want to pull the screw after running GF Nylon 66, purge with BBU, reduce heats to 240°C (464°F), purge with some more BBU, dismantle the equipment and remove BBU while hot.

**Other sizes available - Please call us on 01536 206653 to discuss**