Wiring Tape

PVC electrical insulation tape and fibreglass high heat electrical insulation tape. Fibreglass cloth adhesive tape for protective and cable ties covering of heater band wiring. Up to 150C continuous service temperature, 180C peak. 2500V di-electric strength. Operating Temperature (C) 0 °C to 150 °C Operating Temperature (F) 32 °F to... view more


Type Width Comments Part no Price £ Quantity
PVC Electrical 20M roll 19mm BLACK PVCT 1.48
High Heat Fibreglass 20M roll 12mm High heat fibreglass HHWT1 17.00
High Heat Fibreglass 55M roll 19mm High heat fibreglass HHWT2 65.00
High Heat Fibreglass 20M roll 25mm High heat fibreglass HHWT3 43.18