Replacement Springs for pliers

Replacement springs for our range of cuttersHigh quality springs provide long life and smooth action SPR4 for FF4-FF6, S4-S6, GA5, GA7 SPR7 for FF7, FF8, S7 SPRGA6 for GA6 view more


For Cutter Comments Part no Price £ Quantity
FF4-FF6, S4-S6, GA FF4, FF5, FF6, FF5A, FF6A, GA5, GA7, S4, S5, S5A, S6 SPR4 0.61
FF7, FF8, S7 FF7, FF7A, FF8, S7 SPR7 0.95
GA6 GA6 SPRGA6 0.50
MN007 MN007 MN007S 0.39
NM007 NM007 NM007S 0.76