Hose Clamp (Oetiker)

An excellent clamp, particularly well suited for tightly sealing hose onto waterline fittings. Offers positive tamper-proof seal without damage to hose. 2 ear design provides tight closure and compensates for variations in hose diameter. To install Close first ear, then close second ear at which time the first ear will... view more


opening Comments Part no Price £ Quantity
5-7mm NE0C4C 0.16
7-9mm NE0C5C 0.20
8-11mm NE0C6C 0.30
9-11mm NE0C7C 0.22
11-13mm NE0C8C 0.22
13-15mm NE0C9C 0.25
15-17mm NE0C10C 0.30
15-18mm NE0C11C 0.30
17-20mm NE0C12C 0.30
20-23mm NE0C14C 0.30
37-40mm NE0C18C 0.75