Hose Cutter

Quick, safe and easy way to cut Rubber and PVC waterline hose up to 38mm O.D. Provides clean cut and reduce injuries from using a knife. Tough steel or nylon moulded handles. Replacement machined blades Smooth cut edge eliminates leakage caused by rough or non-square edges. TO OPERATE: Place hose into... view more


Item Comments Part no Price £ Quantity
Steel handle ratchet cutter Ratchet hose cutter to 36mm OD HCR36 19.55
Blade for ratchet cutter replacement steel blade for ratchet cutter HCRB 12.50
Nylon Handle Hose Cutter Nylon handle cutter for hose up to 38mm OD HC15 17.85
Blade for Nylon Handle cutter Blade for Nylon Handle cutter (teflon coated) HC15B 8.00