Butt-Type Splices

Splices for electrical hook-up work 500C Nickel Plated Steel. Non-insulated. Good for temperatures up to 500CPacked in bags of 50 150C Nylon InsulatedNickel Plated Copper constructionGood for temperature up to 150CPacked in bags of 10 view more


Type Wire size (Gauge) Comments Part no Price £ Quantity
High Temp 500C 1.5mm (18-22) 14.5 long, 3.4mm OD (50 pack) BS18 4.00
High Temp 500C 2.5mm (14-16) 14.5 long, 4mm OD (50 Pack) BS14 4.00
High Temp 500C 3.5mm (10-12) 19 long, 5.6mm OD (50 pack) BS10 4.00
Nylon insulated 1.5mm (18-22) 26 long, 4.9mm OD (10 pack) red ECRI 5.80