Replacement Blades

Replacement Blades Replacement blades for our range of trim knives Available in packs of 3 or 50 blades view more


Use with Pack Size Comments Part no Price £ Quantity
TKNF98 3 Use with: SMOR, TKNF98, TKNF88 TKNF98B3 1.74
TKNF98 50 Use with: SMOR, TKNF98, TKNF88 TKNF98B50 8.26
TKNF99 5 Use with: TKNF99, TKT1 TKNF99B5 1.62
TKNF99 100 Use with: TKNF99, TKT1 TKNF99B100 14.74
TKT2A 10 Use with: TKT4, TKT2, TKT2A 1.60
EM1150 100 Use with: EM1150 EM1150E 31.88