Nozzle Type thermocouple

Threaded (Nozzle Type) Thermocouple. 1/4" - 28, 6mm or 8mm adapter Threads: 1/4"-28 UNF 6mm 8mm Standard nozzles: Drill and tap 1/4" (6.4 mm) deep flat bottom hole with 1/4"-28 NFT thread in nozzle (or order nozzle with this hole). Nozzle thermocouple with 3/8" (9.5 mm) length tip and 1/4"-28... view more


thread type lead length Comments Part no Price £ Quantity
1/4"-28UNF J Type 1000mm NB10JSL1 13.25
1/4"-28UNF J Type 1500mm NB15JSL1 13.50
1/4"-28UNF J Type 2000mm NB20JSL1 13.90
1/4"-28UNF K Type 1000mm NB10KSL1 13.25
1/4"-28UNF K Type 1500mm NB15KSL1 13.50
1/4"-28UNF K Type 2000mm NB20KSL1 13.90
6mm J Type 1000mm NB10JSL6 13.25
6mm J Type 1500mm NB15JSL6 13.50
6mm J Type 2000mm NB20JSL6 13.90
6mm K Type 1000mm NB10KSL6 13.25
6mm K Type 1500mm NB15KSL6 13.50
6mm K Type 2000mm NB20KSL6 13.90
8mm J Type 1000mm NB10JSL8 13.25
8mm J Type 1500mm NB15JSL8 13.50
8mm J Type 2000mm NB20JSL8 13.90
8mm K Type 1000mm NB10KSL8 13.25
8mm K Type 1500mm NB15KSL8 13.50
8mm K Type 2000mm NB20KSL8 13.90