Tube Tube type thermocouple with 4.8mm (3/16") probe.

Standard tube type thermocouples commonly used on moulding machines and extruders. Select Tube diameter, length and configuration (straight, 45 deg, 90 deg) Available in straight or angled configuration Mineral Insulated version can be bent to any angle. Flexible armour covered leads and with split leads When ordering, be sure to... view more


probe angle type lead length Comments Part no Price £ Quantity
Straight J Type 1000mm TA10JSL 14.49
Straight J Type 1500mm TA15JSL 16.62
Straight J Type 2000mm TA20JSL 18.89
Straight K Type 1000mm TA10KSL 15.75
Straight K Type 1500mm TA15KSL 18.50
Straight K Type 2000mm TA20KSL 20.15
45 degree J Type 1000mm TB10JSL 15.75
45 degree J Type 1500mm TB15JSL 17.88
45 degree J Type 2000mm TB20JSL 18.90
45 degree K Type 1000mm TB10KSL 17.01
45 degree K Type 1500mm TB15KSL 18.50
45 degree K Type 2000mm TB20KSL 19.55
90 degree J Type 1000mm TC10JSL 15.75
90 degree J Type 1500mm TC15JSL 17.88
90 degree J Type 2000mm TC20JSL 20.15
90 degree K Type 1000mm TC10KSL 17.01
90 degree K Type 1500mm TC15KSL 19.14
90 degree K Type 2000mm TC20KSL 21.41