Bayonet Thermocouple

Bayonet Type Thermocouple The very popular bayonet type thermocouple is available in a straight configuration or with 45 or 90degree bend. All models have flexible armoured leads and come complete with a box type connector and split leads at the termination end. Also available with optional polarised plug or jack... view more


configuration type lead length Comments Part no Price £ Quantity
straight J Type 1000mm BA10JSL 17.00
straight J Type 1500mm BA15JSL 19.00
straight J Type 2000mm BA20JSL 20.00
straight K Type 1000mm BA10KSL 17.00
straight K Type 1500mm BA15KSL 19.00
straight K Type 2000mm BA20KSL 20.00
45 degree J Type 1000mm BB10JSL 17.50
45 degree J Type 1500mm BB15JSL 18.00
45 degree J Type 2000mm BB20JSL 19.50
45 degree K Type 1000mm BB10KSL 17.50
45 degree K Type 1500mm BB15KSL 18.00
45 degree K Type 2000mm BB20KSL 20.15
90 degree J Type 1000mm BC10JSL 17.50
90 degree J Type 1500mm BC15JSL 18.00
90 degree J Type 2000mm BC20JSL 19.00
90 degree K Type 1000mm BC10KSL 17.50
90 degree K Type 1500mm BC15KSL 18.00
90 degree K Type 2000mm BC20KSL 19.00