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Quick Change System

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Quick Change EOAT system can apply to any robot in your facility. Benefits are that the system is a one-time investment, plus this system reduces the amount of time taken to change end of arm tooling. 

The male unit is permanently attached to the robot wrist and connected with the pneumatic supplies from the robot, the female unit is permanently fixed to the gripper with the pipe work from the gripper plugged straight into the plug-in connectors that are mounted on the outside diameter.

No bolts, Alan keys or spanners are required for the quick release unit.

QR Type Part A B C Weight Loading
QR Complete Light Duty ET-000803-497 90mm 34mm 14mm 0.57kg 30kg
QR-R Light Duty Robot Side ET-000803-367 90mm 20mm - 0.35kg -
QR G Light Duty Gripper Side ET-000803-368 90mm - 14mm 0.22kg -
QR Complete Heavy Duty ET-800706-000 160mm 20mm 20mm 2.40kg 50kg
QR - R Robot Side Heavy Duty ET-800706-100 160mm 20mm - 1.50kg -
QR - G Gripper Side Heavy Duty ET-800706-200 160mm - 20mm 0.08kg -
Electrical Connector (Fits QR-R Male Half) ET-000803-368-02 - - - 0.02kg -
Electrical Connector (Fits QR-G Female Half) ET-000803-367-01 - - - 0.02kg -