Mould Clamp- Closed Toe Clamp only

Forged Closed Toe Mould Clamp (Clamp Only) Rust and corrosion resistant, black oxide or zinc finish Stronger and longer lasting than machined clamps Forged, hi tensile hardened steel Forged to our design and specification Closed toe- stays on platten during mould change Available as complete set with washer, adjusting screw... view more


bolt length Comments Part no Price £ Quantity
M12 108 Clamp only ACOFC 18.74
M16 133 Clamp only AC1FC 26.38
M16 178 Clamp only AC3FC 28.55
M20 133 Clamp only AC2FC 26.38
M20 178 Clamp only AC4FC 28.55
M24 178 Clamp only AC5FC 46.12
M24 240 Clamp only AC9FC 47.76