Metric Swivel Hoist Rings

Top washer has the following features: • The Working Load Limit and Recommended Torque value are permanently stamped into each washer. • Washer is colour coded for easy identification: Silver - Metric thread Individually Proof Tested to 2-1/2 times Working Load Limit. Bolt specification is a Grade 12.9 Alloy socket... view more


Thread Comments Part no Price £ Quantity
M8 500kg load SHR1016602 129.00
M10 550kg load SHR1016613 134.00
M12 1300kg load SHR1016624 159.00
M16 2400kg load SHR1016635 165.00
M20 3750kg load SHR1016657 342.00
M24 5250kg load SHR1016668 344.00
M30 8750kg load SHR1016679 585.00
M36 13750kg load SHR1016690 625.00
M42 15600kg load SHR1016701 736.00
M48 16900kg load SHR1016712 963.00