Lenzke Clamp MQ110 (to 40kN)

• Patented Stepless Adjustment • Strong Clamping pressure for small clamping torque • Flexible and adjustable at every angle to the T slot • Reduction of set-up time through reliable, fast and safe clamping • Vertically highly adjustable through triple clamping shoe • Widely adjustable clamping heights through stackable clamping... view more


Thread Slot a H Comments Part no Price £ Quantity
M12 14 5-53mm V=80, L=95, L1=12, L2=20, B=54, b=24, h=44, kN=25 110-052-1214 178.91
M12 14 10-73mm V=110, L=135, L1=12, L2=28, B=54, b=24, h=44, kN=25 110-071-1214 216.00
M16 18 5-60mm V=92, L=110, L1=15, L2=25, B=64, b=28, h=50, kN=35 110-062-1618 207.24
M16 18 11-85mm V=132, L=155, L1=15, L2=32, B=64, b=28, h=50, kN=35 110-081-1618 234.54
M20 28 5-65mm V=105, L=125, L1=19, L2=30, B=80, b=34, h=55, kN=40 110-072-2022 265.96
M20 28 12-95mm V=151, L=175, L1=19, L2=38, B=80, b=34, h=55, kN=40 110-091-2022 321.82