Hand Brushes- Brass and steel

High Quality wood handle brass hand brushes Ideal for cleaning moulds, barrels, screwtips, screws, etc. Soft copper brush material will not damage steel moules, nozzles and machine parts Ergonomic high-quality wooden handles view more


Width (mm) Length (mm) Material Comments Part no Price £ Quantity
10 38 Brass 3x7 rows 200mm OAL Brass BMTHB1 2.75
10 38 Steel 3x7 rows 200mm OAL Stainless Steel BMT11 1.88
10 64 Brass 2x79 rows 220mm OAL Brass BMTHB4 2.99
25 125 Brass 4 rows 255mm OAL Brass BMTHB3 5.90
25 150 Brass 4 rows 330mm OAL Brass BMTHB2 8.50
55 180 Brass 6x19 rows Block Brush BMT12B 8.90