Eye Bolts

Forged C-1030 Carbon Steel Shoulder pattern heat treated, high tensile strength to BS4278. All minimum breaking strengths based on vertical loading in accordance with BS4278. Bending tests performed on unthreaded sections to assure ability to bend through 45° without failure. Safe working load is for vertical loading and based on... view more


Thread Collared Comments Part no Price £ Quantity
M8 No EBM8 4.55
M10 No EBM10 3.80
M12 No EBM12 4.10
M16 No EBM16 5.53
M18 No EBM18 13.30
M20 No EBM20 11.00
M22 No EBM22 18.50
M24 No EBM24 19.50
M30 Yes EBM30C 29.50
M30 No EBM30 29.50
M36 Yes EBM36C 57.00
M36 No EBM36 57.00
M42 Yes EBM43 94.52