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CD-90 Lubricant H1 Food Grade

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Food Grade CD-90 Chain and Drive Spray Lubricant H1

CD-90 is specially formulated to achieve H1 food grade rating and can be used in food processing/manufacture/storage. CD-90 holds H1 certification from NSF registration #143540 and InS registration #1795390. Heavy duty lubricant ideal for all types of driving chains, bearings, conveyor systems. Varying viscosity properties initially penetrating and then thickening for excellent performance.
Ideal for the lubrication of fork truck chains. Reduces friction and wear which will result in a longer chain and drive life. Excellent anti rust capabilities and reduces corrosion.

Key Features:

  • H1 Food Grade safe
  • Certified by NSF #143540 and InS #1795390
  • Water displacing properties ideal for wet and damp conditions
  • Silicone or CFC free
  • Anti fling properties
  • Strong anti rust capability
  • Highly water resistant and repellent
  • No added solvent

Temp. range -12C to 200C (applies to base product before aerosol fill)