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Premium Screwtips: OEM and Free-flow

Precision CNC-machined screwtips manufactured from premium long-life steel.


Very high wear-resistant materials:

Precision CNC-machined and manufactured from through-hardened D2 high quality steel.
  • Retainer is manufactured from premium D2 tool steel or with long-life wear-resistant stellite inserts on flutes. Optional Full CPM wear-resistant steel
  • Check ring manufactured from through-hardened D2 high quality steel. Optional full CPM
  • OEM style replacement unit: Flute configuration and internal design as original equipment
  • Free-flow Compatible unit: Maximizes flow and reduces back pressure. Usually 3 flutes
Diameter type Part no Price from
<35 D2 Retainer/Ring STS2034 £380.00
35-48 D2 Retainer/Ring STS3548 £430.00
49-58 Stellite/D2 Ring STS4958 £550.00
59-75 Stellite/D2 Ring STS5975 £630.00
76-90 Stellite/D2 Ring STS7690 £695.00
91-100 Stellite/D2 Ring STS91100 £745.00
101-115 Stellite/D2 Ring STS101115 £820.00
116-130 Stellite/D2 Ring STS116130 £930.00
131-155 Stellite/D2 Ring STS131155 £1,185.00


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